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Varrier's Way to Virality

If you are on social media or use any kind communication apps it's unlikely that you've missed this naughty wink. What began as a cute meme about the age of innocence, acquired viral proportion in less than 48 hours. An objective observation would reveal that Priyanka Varrier's viral success is backed by solid digital PR strategy. It reinforces the ad world's belief in emotional content even on a platform that struggles for audience's attention. It involves novel activation by influencers in social space, which has set new marketing precedents.

There are many ingredients of this success story

1. Timing: It is perhaps the single biggest advantage that went in the favour of this video. A video about high-school romance featuring attractive leads is in-itself sufficient to attract curiosity of digital users in the Valentine’s week.

2. Target Audiences: By casting young millennials, the video producers established an instant connect with perhaps the most receptive audience set on social media. It is something that TG can relate too and perhaps aspires to achieve. Even beyond its immediate target audiences, people across age groups have fancied teenage romances.

3, Casting : A simple internet search would reveal that there's no dearth of videos featuring pretty winking girls. What makes this video special is the inherent 'Indianness' in the girls looks and mannerism. It is the version of femininity that we have always celebrated; A simple wink added the necessary excitement that we all long for/ or have fondest memories about.

4. Influencer Marketing. More than 200 content groups almost simultaneously churned out content/memes featuring Ms. Varrier. To resist the urge of sharing such engaging content was too much for those fell for her charming smile. Sharing viral videos on Whatsapp is India’s unofficial national sport. Whatsapp ensured that Ms Varrier’s video was downloaded even by the most unsuspected user, away from the limelight and outside every TG segregations.

Multiple native apps from the Facebook/Instagram eco-system ensured that you follow Ms. Varrier without giving any second thoughts ( at times even automatically ;-))

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