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HTC U11+ The best android flagship phone, you can't have...

HTC is among world's leading smart-phone brand had established itself in Indian markets. From HTC One to the 'Ultra' series, HTC's technology created a niche for itself. However, the situation is not the same anymore; Its recent flagship launch has hardly generated any enthusiasm or buzz in Indian markets. HTC U11+ has the potential to out-gun the likes of Samsung Galaxy S9 and even iPhone's latest range, when it comes to hardware and sheer user experience; However, the company's market share hardly reflect this fact.

What explains this lack-lustre performance? To start with an unenthusiastic digital PR strategy.


Despite being the leading contender for the 'best smartphone' tag, much has been left to be desired when it comes to the sheer coverage that such flagship products are supposed to avail 

Amplification Despite being the 'first mover' in technology front; HTC has been practically out of user discussions for years now. Some branded content push could have given a head start considering the immense value that the product brings on board.


Continuous customer engagement has become a necessity considering the rise of open-ended brand conversations, particularly on social media. HTC's channels though active, can't compete with the likes of Apple or even Huawei in India's dynamic social media scene.


Brand HTC had developed certain following and loyalty among customers in India. The existing marketing strategy has failed to harp on it. These HTC's loyalist could have been brand's biggest ambassador

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