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Are you LinkedIn?

Sharing all details of one’s educational and professional journey with absolute strangers doesn’t really sound like an exciting proposition. Connecting with college bullies and nagging bosses too on a social network doesn’t sound like a good idea after all. So what exactly drives the mind-boggling success of LinkedIn?

With 500 million + members, LinkedIn today is undoubtedly world’s largest professional network. With series of acquisitions ( including SlideShare and Lynda) LinkedIn has further cemented its position as world’s top b2b network. In its mission statement founder, Reid Hoffman gave out one of the key elements of the site’s long-term strategy: making the world economy and job market more efficient through increased transparency. So is it really a vision grand enough to make this social network indispensable?. Well the majority of social media moghuls believe so; let’s have a look at the key problems that LinkedIn addresses as a social network.

  1. Access to the right opportunity: Work is supposed to be our greatest priority. LinkedIn with its humongous network comes handy if you are looking for the right business or job. It is perhaps the only social platform that provides an ROI on the time and money you invest in building your profile.

  2. Gaining an insight into the prospect’s peer network. From individual to large organization ability to reach-out to the right resources is the key to viability. From coders to marketers, gaining access to the right kind of assets can translate into professional success. From the business decision to employee/employer shortlisting; having an insight into prospect’s peer network comes handy. Its an ideal substitute for the ‘word of mouth’ that we humans are programmed to fall for.

  3. Staying abreast with the Industry: Staying updated with the latest trends is essential for professional growth. LinkedIn gives access to content from the thought leaders to customers which can help us have a genuine edge amidst neck-breaking competition. It also gives us an opportunity to feature one’s skills which can have positive implications for professional growth.

  4. Scaling up with technology. When it comes to lead generation there are few platforms that can match LinkedIn’s targeted content. From promoted content to In- mails, LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to pitch directly to the people who matter the most.

How about the investment? LinkedIn has long been infamous for being the most expensive platform for driving leads. Until 2013 the CPM on LinkedIn was way more expensive than competing social networks like Facebook. However, post acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn has tempered down their ad cost to suit the needs of even small businesses and enterprises. With custom analytics and insights LinkedIn ads are way more effective when in comes to driving conversions vis-a-vis the competition.

LinkedIn is the thus ‘the social network’ for those seeking professional advantages via social


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